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KOAFEC Development Indaba

2018 KOAFEC Conference invites you to the ‘KOAFEC Development Indaba,’ an event where general public can participate in and enjoy music and visual video in the spring evening. On the occasion of 2018 KOAFEC Conference, the event is intended to understand Africa better and search for a cornerstone for new exchanges and communication between Korea and Africa. Through the event, participants from both sides will be able to observe the African continent in different perspectives such as culture, history, nature and environment. KOAFEC Development Indaba is about interactive communication with the audience—there are various stories to be told in KOAFEC Development Indaba that will allow citizens to narrow away the distance between us and Africa, and ultimately understand each other.

  • Theme (Tentative) : Past, Present and Future of Africa and Korea; Shared Journey for Friendship and Development
  • Date/Time : 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m., May 22 (Tuesday), 2018
  • Venue : BIFF Theatre, Busan Cinema Center
  • Participants : KOAFEC participants and general public
  • Registration : pre-online registration or on-site registration
                             *On-site registration is expected to be taking excessive time on the day; please make sure you are registered via online in advance.
  • Program : To be announced
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‘KOAFEC Night’ is an official dinner for the invited participants of the KOAFEC conference, and a meeting place for participants where they reunite and share the bond between them. The event will take place at the attractive ‘The Bay 101,’ which has been selected as ‘2018 KOREA Unique Venue’ by Korea Tourism Organizaiton along with Nurimaru APEC House and Busan Cinema Center. Please enjoy—beautiful night scenery in Haeundae beach is such a pleasant company.

  • Date & Time : 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., May 22 (Tuesday), 2018
  • Venue : The Bay 101, Busan
  • Participants : Invited KOAFEC participants
  • Program : To be announced